Premier Outpatients

Charterhouse Clinic’s Outpatient Programme is designed to afford patients with work obligations and family responsibilities, plus those who are unable to commit to a residential treatment programme, the opportunity to access treatment while still living in the community and engaging in day-to-day life.

The programme provides all the advantages of an intensive, residential rehabilitation programme in a community setting, giving our patients the opportunity to come to terms with the deficiencies in their behavioural health & wellbeing in the context of their everyday lives.

The community rehabilitation experience prepares patients to make the best use of support groups and structures in their local communities and establishes new social norms, offering alternatives to social networks that promote continued problematic alcohol/substance use or other unhelpful behaviours.

Charterhouse Clinic’s Outpatient Programme meets the needs of patients wherever they are in the rehabilitation journey with no emphasis on abstinence as the ultimate goal.

Flexible and Dependable Care

The programme is structured to enable little or no interference with work, study or family life in that most sessions are delivered in the evenings (6pm – 9pm) and on Saturdays (9am – 3pm).

One to one sessions can be scheduled outside of these times.

To get the full benefit of Charterhouse Clinic’s outpatient programme, we suggest patients participate in the 4–week programme however, patients can opt for specific elements of the programme depending on their need or availability.

The programme is comprehensive in that it is designed to accommodate the individual needs of our patients including controlled drinking, maintenance and long-term stabilisation, detoxification, and abstinence.

These needs are met using pharmacological as well as psychosocial interventions.

Addiction Therapy For Total Wellbeing

The psychosocial interventions include didactic elements (psycho-educational workshops, relapse prevention and skills training etc.), group therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions for which each patient is allocated a focal therapist to guide them through the programme and ensure that their therapeutic objectives are met. Also included are joint couple, family or employer sessions when required.

Some of the psycho-educational workshops include written assignments that help patients in the processing and reinforcing of their learning. Topics include:

• Harm minimisation
• Understanding Process Addictions
• Identifying Social Pressures
• Coping with Stressful Situations
• Identifying & Building a Support Network
• Maintaining Motivation for Change
• Managing Anger & Conflict
• Emotion Management
• Effective Communication
• Developing Self – esteem (Self Worth & Confidence)
• Repairing Relationships
• Managing Grief & Loss
• Managing Executive Stress & Burn-Out
• Health & Wellbeing

Meeting Unique Needs

Charterhouse Clinic’s Outpatient Programme also offers a bespoke behavioural health and wellbeing coaching service.

This ‘throughcare’ intervention, which includes sober coaching, and companionship meets the individual wherever they are in their journey – supporting them to navigate any of the challenges they might face during and after the outpatient programme.

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